Shower Or Bath? What Do You Prefer?

showerWhether taking a shower or bath is better depends on how you look at it from any perspective. Many people debate on this question based on how clean one can get or how many gallons of water can be saved. However, you can still take a shower or bath as they all have their benefits. You will definitely end up giving more preference to one than the other depending on your reasons or what you enjoy the most. It is important however to consider your lifestyle needs and understand which choice will work for you.

When in a hurry to go to work in the morning, you will definitely know better what to choose given the shower or bath. With a shower you can definitely be done in 5 minutes so that you can freshen up to attend other things feeling great. However, when you have some time for luxury and need to unwind, you will definitely need a bath. You can soak in the bath tub for as long as you want especially if you have an ensuite bathroom. However, the preference for a shower or bath can be based on which you think will make you cleaner. If that is you consideration before making the choice, then you will have to think of each option well.

In a bath tub, you will be soaking the whole of your body in water. As you continue cleaning yourself, the water will keep getting filthier and still maintaining contact with your body until the time you will be getting out of the tub. Now ask yourself if you will be coming out clean and that will provide the answer for the shower or bath question. In a shower, you will keep getting clean water flowing on your body though in smaller amounts. All the dirt on your body will be washed away down to the drain and not maintain contact with your body. Again you have a clear answer for the question, shower or bath?

Water efficiency is another important factor. Which choice is more eco-friendly, Shower or bath? Recent studies have revealed that contrary to a popular opinion, a shower uses fewer gallons of water compared to a bath tub. On average bath tubs use 80 gallons of water while a shower head will spray 10 to 25 gallons within the 5 minutes you will need to get clean. With a low-flow shower head installed, you will definitely know whether to opt for the shower or bath. Saving time, water and money are of course good considerations for everyone, but once in a while relax with a bath too.


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