How to restore a wooden bathroom floor

Have a grubby rug that’s seen better days? Raise it up and give those floorboards a new lease of existence . The most important would depend in the planning. you will need smooth sanded boards for the paint job to properly stick.

Painted floorboards are recommended for most rooms in your own home even though not perfect in small bathing rooms or even kitchens in which condensation is an element. Not any of them is it ideal if your dog is inclined to clawing your floors!

Deciding upon surface paint job

It’s a cliché but it’s correct: buy not highly-priced buy two times . Spend money on the exemplary coat you can pay for and it’ll put up all the difference. Choose an expert floor paint that’s slip tough and also hard deteriorating. If you prefer a further authentic look think about a stain – there’s a huge variety available from light oak to ebony.

Tips on selecting floor paint colours

Absolutely nothing says Scandi-chic like white floorboards but then the maintenance factor – the dust will show therefore be prepared to clean it up perfectly regularly. Strongly recommended is Farrow & Ball’s Wimbourne White. For really high visitors areas or family areas, consider grey. It’s the unsung hero of the timber floor palette hiding dust and also dirt a treat. Select from pearly dove grey to dark charcoal. Ronseal’s Diamond Hard paint in Slate is a good options.

Black-colored makes a great bold statement, but then it will suck the light out of the room in your home so if it’s not recommended for narrow hallways or dimly lit areas. Obviously you don’t need to limit to yourself to white, grey or even dark – Farrow & Ball has 132 paints to select from!

How you can create a wood floor for repainting

For a perfect finish you need perfect preparation. Exchange destroyed floorboards (read our step by step recommendation ) , topple in loosely fasteners and also fill up gaps with furniture filler.

  • For those who have painted floorboards: first remove any loose, flaking or blistering coloring then sand away the most coat as possible.
  • If you cleaned the floor boards: sand off all remnants of varnish.
  • If you have already polished the floor boards: you can call in a professional decorator for advice as the paint may not take.

When sanding make use of a coarse grade to begin with and finish with a fine grade. Gather the dirt and dust as you go – you can still mix it with PVA to fill every gaps once you’ve done sanding. For more detailed advice read our feature on renovating and sanding a hardwood flooring . Right away apply knotting method for fixing any specific knots so the resin doesn’t get through your paint. Clean once all the dirt and dust has settled and rub over with white spirit to take away any traces of dirt and dust and also grease. Next use your own floor primer or undercoat.

How to use floor coat


Some floor paints come with a special pad or applicator, or maybe make use of a wide bristle brush (you can utilize a roller which is faster but you’ll have a better surface finish with a brush). Stir the coat thoroughly then paint towards the grain. Apply at least two coating and keep in mind three thin coating will wear a lot better than two thick coats. Give yourself six or so hours drying time in between each coat. After twenty four hours you can walk on your boards but in socks only please! High heels are banned for another twenty four hours.

Fancy a distressed shabby trendy look? Water down the shade, remember to brush it on so the grain and texture of the wood show through. Test on a patch space first so you’re pleased with the depth of saturation before painting the entire floor. Learn how to make your bathroom clean.

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