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Quadrant Shower Enclosure Options To Set Your Bathroom Style

Quadrant Shower EnclosureA wide range of quadrant shower enclosure options are available to meet all needs both in terms of style and functions. It is important to make the right choices if you would like to improve the style of your bathroom. Whether you are seeking to complement traditional or modern style, you can achieve it with a quadrant shower enclosure featuring clear tempered glass from 6mm and above. The cubicle shower enclosure is suitable even for smaller bathrooms as it makes the best use of space on the floor at a corner. You can choose one with polished chrome frames to achieve the desired contemporary looks for your bathroom.

The right quadrant shower enclosure strikingly stands out and is noticed by anyone entering into your bathroom. It makes the atmosphere relaxing as you enjoy your daily routine especially after tiring day activities. With all the styles, shapes and sizes, there is a quadrant shower enclosure suitable for everyone’s needs and budget. You can get one with double or a single sliding door, a hinged door, a bi-fold or other variations. The shower enclosures are also suitable for en-suite bathrooms given that they come in small sizes as well. Choose one that will offer all the luxury you need for whatever bathroom space you may have.

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Product ImageDescriptionsRatings

900x900mm Quadrant Shower Enclosure Cubicle Glass Screen Door (NS7-90)
4.8 Star

EasyClean 900x900mm Quadrant Shower Enclosure - Right E
5.0 Star

900x760mm Quadrant Shower Enclosure Door+Stone Tray (NS7-97+ASH7690 LEFT)
4.8 Star

900x900mm Quadrant Shower Enclosure Door+Stone Tray (NS7-90+ASH99)
4.8 Star

Aqualine 800 Quadrant Shower Enclosure
5.0 Star

900 x 760mm Designer Left Hand Offset Quadrant EasyClean Shower Enclosure and Tray Set
4.0 Star

800x800mm Quadrant Shower Enclosure Cubicle Glass Screen Door (NS7-80)
5.0 Star

Phoenix Quadrant Shower Enclosure - 900x900mm
4.1 Star

Phoenix Quadrant Shower Enclosure - 800x800mm
3.7 Star

1000x800mm Quadrant Shower Enclosure Door+Stone Tray(NS7-81+ASH8010 LEFT)
4.7 Star

The right choice of a quadrant shower enclosure will definitely add flair to your bathroom in addition to providing the solution of keeping water in the shower area. A quadrant shower enclosure will also have the advantage of not cramping your bathroom as it utilizes space from one corner. To make sure you end up with one that will last, make sure that the door rollers are actually made of quality material that has withstood door runner tests. Shower enclosures made of cheap materials will end up corroding, so it is important to make sure anti-corrosion tests have been undertaken.

All the metal fixings and door handle of a quadrant shower enclosure should be strong. Water leaks should also be inspected while it is important to go for a model that fractures a magnetic strip that obstructs seepage of water. Tempered glass which is thick enough not only ensures durability, but also avoids breakage that can potentially cause bad injuries. Framed quadrant shower enclosure models usually ensure better edge protection, but there are many other designs meant to achieve the same without compromising the aesthetic value. for more shower enclosures click here.


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