How To Make Your Bathroom Romantic

How To Make Your Bathroom RomanticHave you been wondering about how to keep your bathroom romantic? There are quite a lot of ideas that you can use to make your bathroom more than just a place to shower for you and your partner. Romance in the bathroom can be brought about by a combination of elements from lighting, texture, colour, accessories and even sensations. You however have to play clever with these aspects so that you don’t overdo everything and that your lovely ideas stand out for your partner to enjoy. First and foremost start by cleaning your tub, counter tops and put combs, toothbrushes and toiletries in cabinets to avoid clatter.


Remember Romance Matters!

If you are thinking of how to make your bathroom romantic with colour, try warm colours like gold or peach to make your bathroom appear bigger. Large bathroom walls will look good on chocolate, terracotta and brick. Coloured flowers on counter tops and other places you like will bring life to your bathroom. For more romantic times in the bathroom, you can consider having a tub or a whirlpool at the centre of the room. A whirlpool will give you and your partner a massaging feel which is very relaxing. Choose a tub that can accommodate two people when you decide to install one. Remember that you are the best person on how to make your bathroom romantic. Choose things that your partner loves most from colour to bathroom gear like robes and slippers that will create that spa-feeling when walking around your bathroom.

Lighting is an excellent idea for everyone. If you are thinking of how to make your bathroom romantic, choose lighting that will invite a romantic mood. Overhead chandeliers or a number of overhead lights work best especially when low lit. Dim the lights by installing a dimmer switch to bring a romantic feeling. Pillar candles also look awesome. Go for scented options such as sweet rose or earthly sandalwood. Reed diffusers on counter tops can also work. Prepare a basket of essentials you will need in your romantic bath. These include bubble bath, bath oils, fancy soaps, and massage oils. You can put the pretty basket on the floor near the tub. Music goes a long way among the ideas of how to make your bathroom romantic. Play soft music in the background especially one that your mate will appreciate.

Romantic moments in the bathroom will also come by accessorizing with colourful and fluffy towels and thick throw rugs. Remember to display a tray with wine or fruits like grapes and slices of pineapples or mangoes. You can accessorize mirrors by drawing or writing something lovely that will capture your partner’s senses. Put a fancy frame on your mirror with mould from the store if it has none. These tips on how to make your bathroom romantic are cheap and very inviting.


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