Glass Shower Screens – What Shower Screens Are Best? Check Out Glass

Invest In The Best Glass Shower Screens

Folding Chrome Shower BathSeeking to add style to your bathroom? You may want to choose from a variety of glass shower screens for the design that will fit to your requirements. Whether you are looking for cheaper or expensive shower solution, you will definitely find one in the market today. Some of the most beautiful glass shower screens you can showcase your shower with include the frame less options that also come in different styles and sizes. For a modern style, you need unique designs but it is also important to take into consideration the design and size of your bathroom among other important factors.

Fortunately, you can find custom designed glass shower screens to fit perfectly into your bathroom layout. They are provided with simple installation instructions and a kit with all the seals and gaskets. There is absolutely no reason not to consider the installation a do-it-yourself project. While the frame less glass shower screens remain the most popular, you can still opt for the framed options. The best option would be to go for a chrome finish instead of the traditional brass frames. If you consider durability a priority, make sure to choose tempered glass within the range of 6mm and above.

While clear glass shower screens also make another popular choice and can match with almost any bathroom design and layout, you can also opt for those made of frosted glass. There are also glass shower screens featuring a combination of clear and frosted glass to enjoy the best of both worlds. Such options might be important for those with more privacy considerations but do not want to ruin the style. Textured glass is also a great choice and actually makes the shower look larger than it actually is because the finer details are hidden. There are also shower screens designed for use with bath tubs so that you do not have to stick with a curtain.

Among the most popular modern styles of glass shower screens are those with curved front panels. They can significantly allow for more space in your shower. Similarly, avoiding shower doors is another option to avoid space being taken by a swinging door. Both framed and frame less glass shower screens may also include siding doors. Colours can also be considered when making choices as some shower screens are given a variety of tints. A smoothed glass makes cleaning very easy and even more so if there is a baked on finish to repel soap scum and spots of water.


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