How best to install a shower bath screen

We can easily assist you to set up a shower bath screen . This is an easy way of creating a shower enclosure within your bathroom .

Stage one

Familiarise yourself with the wall structure you are working to improve . Check to find out if ever it’s a solid wall structure or plasterboard . Using a multi-purpose detector to determine whether there are certainly any kind of hazards behind where you are supposedly drilling .

Stage two

Hold on to the U-channel of the shower screen in place against the wall structure at a 40mm depth from the edge of the bath . You might have to reduce away any existing silicone or maybe beading to make sure the U-channel is placed flush with the bath . Make use of a spirit level to help it become level .

Stage three

Whenever you are satisfied the U-channel is vertically level, note down on the position of the screw slots on the wall structure .

Stage four

Drill little holes into the ceramic tiles the place where you have labeled using a ceramic tile drill bit . The ceramic tile drill bit has a unique tip for accuracy drilling . Insert rawl plugs into the little holes , preferably past the level of the ceramic tile .

Stage five

Install a bead of sealant along the back of the U-channel then simply keep in place .

Stage six

Safeguard the U-channel with proper screws and also fixings . Seal off the bottom part of the U-channel to the bath with sealant .

Stage seven

Easily fit plastic seal to the bottom part of glass screen then simply slip in the screen into the U-channel .

Stage eight

Place the screen so that it sits on the bath . Drill pilot holes into the screen structure having the guide holes in the U-channel , you might need someone to hold the screen in its place at the time you do this . Secure the screen it is in place with screws . Install cover cap over the U-channel as well as screws .

Stage nine

In the event that there’s a handgrip , attach it to the bath screen at this point . You may also want to lewarn about how to fix a glass shower screen click here

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