What Is The Best Double Ended Bath?

1700x700mm Valencia Square Double Ended BathWhen it comes to finding the bath that is perfect for your home, flexibility is always going to be the most important thing. When you increase the number of options you have, you’ll always find that you can achieve more success in life. When it comes to finding the right bath in your home, the benefits of a double ended bath should give you a great deal of options. This style of bath can be placed anywhere you want in the room without feeling as though you are limiting the usefulness or functionality of the bath. There is also the added bonus that this bath is more comfortable for people to relax in or even share knowing that the taps are placed in the middle of the bath. This style of bath comes with or without shower screen options.

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There are plenty of options to choose from and if you have been wondering what is the best double ended tub, wonder no more as here are our recommendations:

Asselby Square Double Ended in White Size: 170cm x70cm

Asselby Square Double Ended Bath in White Size: 170cm x70cmThe square nature of this bath means that some people are likely to love or hate it, but it has a classic design that fits neatly alongside a great range of bathroom options. The fact that the bath has a five year warranty and has a stylish finish ensures that there is a lot to be said for adding this style of bath to your bathroom.

The dimensions of the bath are deep enough to allow you to soak and relax in for a considerable period of time so whether your focus on a bath is functionality or style, you won’t be let down by the Asselby Square option.


Quatro 1700 x 750 Double Ended

When it comes to finding a double ended bath that is super deep, it is hard to argue with the Quatro. This bath has a great contemporary style and is an ideal choice for any home owner that is keen to have a modern and up to date style at their home. The depth of the bath is 450mm and there is a capacity of 180 litres so you should find that this bath will be able to meet your needs, regardless of what you are looking for from a bath.Quatro 1700 x 750 Double Ended Bath


The Quatro is competitively priced but the style of the bath does mean that it is one that will be more suitable for modern bathrooms as opposed to homes that have a traditional or vintage style. However, the functionality of this bath ensures that it will be a fantastic addition to any home, regardless of the main style in the property.


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1700x700mm Valencia Square Double Ended

This is the tub at the top of the page

The style of this bath lends it a quality to blend in to its surroundings wherever it is placed. The fine lines and edges means that this style of bath can fit perfectly well in a traditional or contemporary bathroom, so no matter what style you prefer, this will be an excellent choice.

It is a durable bath that looks great, and it carries a warranty that offers peace of mind and comfort to all home owners. Price wise it is extremely affordable so if you are buying on a budget, this should be the sort of bath that provides you with exactly what you are looking for.


Duo 1700 Double Ended Bath

Duo 1700 Double Ended Bath
Made in the UK, this bath has a depth of 440mm, making it an ideal bath for soaking in and having a luxury time. This bath can be easily upgraded so if you would prefer to have a bath that offers a whirlpool or hydrotherapy system, this is definitely the sort of bath that will be perfect for you. With a water capacity of 180 litres, you could easily lie back and relax for an evening, making this the perfect double ended option for people looking to forget about the stress of modern life.

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